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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 1, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> a tip leads authorities to a grim discovery inside a philadelphia funeral home. that business is now shut down but the funeral director insists it's all a misunderstanding. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. investigators found decomposing bodies and other deplorable conditions. according to authorities the funeral home located at 53rd and vine street in west philadelphia was not licensed. "eyewitness news" reporter david
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spunt has details. >> reporter: philadelphia police are still on scene. many have asked if this is related to the case from last week when authorities found three bodies inside a garage connected to an apparent funeral home. that case is separate. but tonight we are learning more about what allegedly happened in this building behind me. detectives waisted no time getting to the bottom of a complaint lodged against hawkins funeral services in west philadelphia. within minutes, detectives discovered three bodies one was in a coffin. the todd toddythe other two dec. >> blair hawkins while he's licensed to be a funeral director, police say the building is not. we tracked hawkins down on his way to meet with police. >> i'm response al for the bodies that are being taken care of in there. >> but hawkins insisted several times police have it all wrong. >> there is a misunderstanding. one of the bodies is, um, we
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picked up from the home and apparently the doctor didn't sign so it's going back to the medical examiner. >> reporter: philadelphia police say there's much more to the story. "eyewitness news" learned two bodies were not end balmed and started decom posing several days ago. the temperature was much higher than the required 40 degrees. >> these conditions are deplorable. it's unacceptable behavior. >> reporter: funeral home has been in the neighborhood for years operating under several different names. hawkins came in a few months ago. >> people bring in familiar members here to be buried ungot people decomposed bodies in there. that's not right. that's unfair. >> that's disturbing. i don't know what's going on. i'm in shock. i'm in disbelief. high a cloned friend buried here. >> detectives told "eyewitness news" when they arrived a death certificate for one of the bodies was missing. >> families know what's going on and i assured them i'll follow through with them. >> reporter: detectives with
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the department of state are also investigating. this building is closed until further notice. reporting in west philadelphia, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". and as david mentioned in separate case three decomposing bodies were found in a garage in strawberry mansion last week that. garage is on west haggard street. police say that garage is owned by a nearby funeral home the investigation continues. suspect wanted in the deadly hit-and-run of two-year-old boy surrenders to philadelphia police tonight. police say 22-year-old miguel cologne was behind the wheel of a white infinity that hit 19-year-old josephine rivera and her two-year-old son david in april at mascher and lehigh in kensington. the boy was killed. she was hospitalized and later released. >> a officials file vehicular hmm side and dui charges against a man who place say hit and killed a an off duty police officer fled the scene. louie vogwell got out of the his
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car after hitting officer pool and got backup side and sped away. he was apprehended less than mile away and neighbors are stunned by what happened. >> he hit the guy and got back in his car and took off. that's disgrace. >> senseless thing. it's devastating and it's a blow to to the police department. >> officer pool was an 18 year veteran of the force. delaware county police officer who was shot in the chest yesterday is now home from the hospital and he credits a bullet proof vest with saving his life. readily park police officer mark hanley was shot by a suicidal man early sunday morning in norwood apartment complex. hanley says his department requires vests to be worn on duty but not all officers do so especially in the summer. >> not the most comfortable thing much it's like wearing a girdle all day. it's tight. it's there for one reason and one reason only to save your life so you go home to your
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family. >> the suspect is being charged with attempted murder. >> the month of august is endogen hot and steamy note. it will get hotter for the start of september tomorrow. meteorologist justin drabick is in for kate tonight. jd, heat wave number five. >> it looks like. we had our second day already of 90 degrees. we hit 90 officially at philadelphia international airport. tomorrow meteorological fall does begin but that summer warm is this holding on strong. check out these high temperatures today. if you were outside you felt it. humid. atlantic city at the airport checked out at none this afternoon. philadelphia even up in allentown and reading hitting 90 degrees as well as trenton new jersey. that's really going to be the trend over the next several days. warm temperatures, so again heat wave number five on the way. this is going to be an extended heat wave because we did hit the low 90s yesterday. it looks like at least through thursday we have a shot at 90-degree temperatures. very warm outside right now. there is a little bit of a breeze but you need the ac most
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likely tonight with the humidity around. temperatures down near the coast looking pretty good. nice southeast breeze mid to upper 70s. heat inn coax talk about right now. when you factor in the humidity it still feels like the lower 80s in philadelphia even close to 80 degrees in trenton and in wilmington. quiet on storm scan3. we had passing showers earlier this afternoon. they have diminished looking good for your ride in to work tuesday morning it's going to be warm. temperatures around 7:00 o'clock in the mid 70s. quickly heating up near 90 by around lunch time and topping off in the low 90s by mid afternoon. check out that seven day forecast a look to what expect for labor day coming up in a few minutes. back over to. >> justin, thank you see in a bit. montgomery county attorney finds himself on the other side of the law. authorities say vicinity sent serillo, jr., assaulted one of his clients earlier this month. the alleged rape occurred after she hired him to represent her. he was arraigned today and is out on bail tonight. 26 days now and counting. pope francis will be arriving in
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philadelphia in less than a month now and tonight city officials are focused on energizing and exciting those who work and live in the city. the city has unveiled a new pr campaign to help businesses relay information to their customers about being open during the world meeting of families. >> it's helping some but still may not be enough for others to keep their doors open. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is joining us now from center city with more. todd? >> reporter: ukee, right now the mayor is fighting the perception that an awful lot of businesses here in center city will be shutting down once the pope's in town. despite challenges for making deliveries wawa will have doors open when pope francis arrives in late september. >> we're very excited. we think it will be a great weekend. we think it will be great opportunity to showcase what the city of philadelphia is all about. >> reporter: there is a full court public relations press being made to encourage busine businesses to stay open. mayor michael nutter went on the offensive. cite wagon he says were
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inaccurate reports in the media. >> the city of philadelphia never told anyone to close. the us secret service never told anyone to close. >> reporter: but businesses are closing despite the mayor's efforts. this will be among them citing traffic restrictions and concerns over deliveries much it will be closed during the pope's visit the weekend of september 26th. >> we have employees coming from outside of the city. we have employees traveling from different parts of the city and it will be almost impossible for them to get here with the security. >> reporter: pr campaign is called i'll be there. itaipu concludes posters and stickers stores and restaurants like pat's steaks can use to indicate they'll be open. >> mcgillan's tweet if we have to have the beer delivered by drones we will open on the papal weekend. >> reporter: at this point right now the city is still expecting about one and a half million people when the pope arrives. reporting live tonight in center city, todd quinones, cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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>> thank you todd. we've already told you about the various road and highway closures during the pope's visit. it won't be easy getting around penndot is trying to ease the headache by halt major construction projects during that time. there will be no construction related lane closures on i-95 or the vine street expressway during the world meeting of families the projects will continue after the pope heads back to the vatican. low i'll school students build a cross that will play an important roll during the world meeting of families. mercy vocation carpentry students designed and crafted the cross which will be the centerpiece for the world meeting of families youth congress. the white cross is curved in over 10 feet tall and students say they're honored to work on such an important symbol. >> to be able to have all my buddies and my fellow classmates and me work on it and build something that could be seen in front of thousands of people i'm kind of proud of it. >> students at mercy vocational among the first young people of the thousands who will attend the world meeting of familiar tolls put their own prayers on the cross.
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new child safety seats laws go into effect tomorrow. still ahead at 11:00 what every parent needs to know. also wants in a name? the growing backlash over the decision to rename the highest mountain in north america. also tonight -- i don't need to sit in front of the classroom and i can be like everybody else. >> a live changing eye surgery for a local boy. he talk he is exclusively to stephanie stahl about the procedure and also his chance to meet a hometown hero. justin? >> all right. we are remaining hot, humid for much of the um coming week. we're in the middle of heat wave number five will we see rain chans those details coming up in the "eyewitness weather" forecast. >> it's the second chance for the 67 artist criticized over her courtroom portrait of tom brady. how did round two turn out? we'll show when you "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> many eyes on president obama during this three-day visit to alaska. after an announcement that the state's famous land mount mckin l change names. white house said yesterday the tallest mountain in north america will now by its native name denali. many republican lawmakers from former president mckin polls home state of ohio oppose the name change calling eight political stunt. alaskans from both parties are hailing the change. >> deflate continues patriots quarterback tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell back in a federal courtroom today. two sides failed to reach a settlement over brady's suspension. the inform fl said brady likely new footballs what deflated below the league minimum brady is appealing the suspension saying did he nothing wrong. the judge expects to rule on it this week. accompanying tom brady in court was his sketch jane roses zen berg. many thought the star player was
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unrecognizable in the last 67. rosenberg who's been a 6 sketch artist for 35 years didn't enjoy the recent spotlight and practiced sketching brady before today today's court appearance. >> important note for parents tonight. new jersey's new child passenger safety law goes into effect tomorrow and these new rules are some of the most lee stick tiff in the country when it comes to how kids should be buckled up. governor christie sign this legislation back and new rules from birth to age two a child under 30 pounds rear facing car seats with five-point harness from to to eight children must be a car seat or booster seat in the back seat until they're at least eight years old or 57-inches tall. fines range from 50 to $75. >> back to school across the region and there are now just eight days until school starts in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at mckinley elementary in north fill daal. teachers were preparing their classrooms. parents have about a week to make sure their children are up
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to date on vaccines. >> a lot of people who don't get they are children vaccinated and they have their reasons for it whether it's religious or if it's just -- they just don't want to. they feel like it's not healthy. >> health department data shows 95% of students in philadelphia are up to date on vaccinations 3% higher than pennsylvania as a whole. big celebration tonight in pillville new jersey for little boy who went to california for surgery to save his vision. >> it's also where he got the chance to meet his hero mike trout the baseball star whose also from his hometown. health reporter stephanie stahl has the heart warming story in this health watch exclusive. >> reporter: eight-year-old thomas walk sup already seeing better. hit baseballs just weeks after surgery in california to fix a congenital condition called nystagmus where the eyes constantly dart back and forth. >> and the operation went okay? >> yeah. >> reporter: didn't hurt? >> nope. i don't need to sit in front of the classroom and i can be like
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everybody else. >> reporter: third grader who lives in millville was able to see just some by turning his head. >> i was told there was nothing you could do. >> reporter: thomas' mom susan banks eventually found a doctor at the irvine medical center to perform the surgery. that removed muscles that caused the eyes to shake. >> number 27. >> reporter: a week after the surgery, thomas went to a california angels game and got to meet his hero baseball star mike trout who is also from millville. >> that's when i was telling him hit a homerun. >> what was it like meeting him. >> it felt special. not too many people flew out to california to get to meet mike trout. >> reporter: it was trout's parents who still live in millville and no thomas' familiar who'll set up the meeting. >> it was pretty amazing. >> baseball all star kick in $2,500 to help cover spents for the family. susan says when thomas was able to really watch the game, that's when the goose bumps started. >> overwhelming and being so grateful and humble and, upping,
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watching him say mom look at this ball and it's it's going. every moment was just tears to me. >> thomas' eyes are still healing much his vision should continue to improve and he has big plans to follow in mike trout's footsteps. >> so you'll ab super star? >> yeah. >> reporter: tonight thomas' sister had a surprise welcome home party for him at the local fire hall. people in millville now saying they have two hometown stars. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> two hometown stars for sure. >> late show with stephen colbert debuts one wreak from tomorrow on cbs3. we have information on the guests who will be stopping by. >> cbs announced jake gyllenhaal from visit colbert on september 15th. kevin spacey and carol burnett guests the next day and lou potty at a nyongo wraps up the first full week on the air september 18th. >> the fun gets started in eight days and immediately following
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"eyewitness news" at 11:00 right here on cbs3. >> it will be hot. check the out. if we'll looking forward to that. going into september tomorrow. >> here we go. september 1. >> still toasty. >> still in summer season. >> absolutely. >> got three weeks to go yet. >> heat wave number five. >> heat wave number five. labor day weekend coming up. i think we'll handle the warm weather if you have beach plans, pool plans. one last good weekend as we head into the unofficial end of the summer season. but let's take you outside right now. where it is warm. it's muggy. little breeze makes it feel a little bit better. need to runt air conditioning that will be the trend and not saving any money on the electric bill this week. live look at the ben franklin bridge. again pretty quite a few clouds will pass through the overnight hours. we'll keep things nice and dry. august has been pretty hot. we're averaging well above average finish off the month strong with a 90-degree day today and 12 of them had 90-degree or higher temperatures for the month. twaites days this month decent amount of sunshine very sunny and dry month as well. highest temperature 94 degrees
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lowest was 63 and we can certainly use some rain. yards are looking pretty bad at my house, typically we officer ratch 4-inches of rain for month of august much that's the normal month for the airport and this month .98-inches. couldn't get any rain today. officially measure at the airport even though we did have some showers around the city. here go the 99-degree days. so far sitting at 30 and we have more to come this week but still very far from that 55 day we had back in the year 2010. upper 70s, close to 80 degrees right now. starting to drop into the upper 60s in the poconos but there's really no relief anywhere even new england getting in on the warmth. comfort index not looking good. if you like the humidity you'll like this forecast. dew point temperature very high approaching tropical levels so it's pog to feel oppressive get used it to this is a trend really through the rest of the week as we head labor day weekend. quiet on storm scan3. had some showers earlier they dissipated going mostly clear. high pressure is just anchoring itself over the mid land that locks in the warm sunny dry
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conditions. fred has now been downgraded to tropical storm. winds at 70. the track out to the west northwest. over the open water of the atlantic in time over the neck five days it will weaken into tropical depression so really no threat to any mainland other than the cape verde islands back home ride in to work or school tomorrow looking pretty good. future weather model shows the dry conditions. few clouds may pop up during the afternoon could be a stray sprinkle in some spots. same time deal on wednesday. big story is the heat and humidity. overnight stays muggy 73 for center city. and 60s in the suburbs. a hot hugh and humid day. skies mostly sunny up to 93 degrees. remember we should be in the low 80s this time of year. here's your shore forecast lost sunshine wear the sunblock. sea breeze will develop by early afternoon early temperatures in the mid 80s they should drop into the low 80s possibly mid 70s by late afternoon with that wind off the water and lower threat for rip currents tomorr
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tomorrow. that's good news. ex ended forecast. a lot of sun, a lot of heat and humidity. lower 90's through thursday. five days of 90-degree temperatures extended heat wave into labor day weekend still on the warm side. talking mid and upper 80s it's dry, though, so barbecue plans are looking good. and you can get the updated forecast any time with the cbs philly weather app. check live radar get severe weather alerts and share your weather pictures with us download the app now on i tunes and google play g get those summer photos in. >> i know. time running out. >> time for sports with lesley. >> that's right. phillies kicking off a road trip in new york city against the mets. team they're having trouble with and eagles come back home after that great win in green bay but the redskins making head lights tonight. we have a
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>> i was helping hoping for bay packs tonight. >> phillies lost the last nine games to the mets. >> yeah. >> you think sooner or later they'll win one, right.
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>> they're in new york. jirad i can off on the mound for game one again the mets. he was going strong until the fifth inning. it counts. all the same. mets take a one to nothing lead. later on in the inning we have curtis grander son and this is a two run shot. cologne would score to put the mets up three to nothing. no run support for i can off. he went seven innings. phillies load the the basis in the ninth but only plated one run. mets win again, three-one. the birds went back to practice today after saturday's impressive win at lambeau feel. a short week of training before thursday's final preseason game against the jets. some practice notes lane johnson number 65 rate there. he tweaked a knee in green bay. esche be just fine. kicker cody parkey has a slight groin injury. expected to be okay. riley cooper tweak a join he did not practice. kiki alonso a surprise scratch on saturday with a knee injury.
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no word if he'll play on thursday. >> would you like to see key company play nurse night? >> evaluate everybody after tuesday's session and make a decision on what they're going to do. it doesn't mean anything for me to say i want this or that if someone can go or can't go. we'll fine out after we're done tuesday. >> birds making first round of cuts on sunday. kenny let go quarterback who tran zigged to wide receiver. they need to trim it down to knife by tomorrow at 4:00 o'clock. big question will tim tebow make the final cut. he's worried about it. he's just trying to get better every day he also says he's friends with matt barkley and made down the idea of third string battle between the two. >> oil out here, you compete, you root for each other. you cheer each other on and i think that's something that comes from, you know, you're trying to care about people and trying to, you know, also just for my faith, you're competing for something but at the same time you want to do it the right way. >> pretty wild day in washingt
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washington. will he skins coach jay gruden named kirk cousins as starting quarterback for the entire season. rumblings in d.c. that the skins basically moving on from robert griffin the third just three seasons after they traded so much to move up in the draft. >> jay the obvious next, what does this leave robert with you guys? >> robert is on our football team and he's a washington redskin and we believe in robe robert. it's problem, it's a good problem to have, to have three quarterbacks that are competing. >> the redskins -- >> randall cunningham used to have a saying let me be me. let him run around. that's what rgiii needs to do. he's not a pocket passer. >> we're talking eagles up in here much that's the redskins. >> lesley thanks. still ahead a labor day weekend tradition here in philadelphia. >> made in america rock the parkway ton night we have the final lineup of the music festival. be right back. ♪
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♪ this holiday weekend the parkway will be jamming for the made in america music festival lineup is now set and ready to go. concert officials announced beyonce' will be head lining saturday night. hit the stage around 10:30. to day festival featuring more than 50 acts wraps up sunday night with performance by the weekend and we've put the whole schedule for you on >> should be great time. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl and kyla grow grant and traffic with meisha johnson. >> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c >> blue bloods is up next. >> thank you for watching. good night, family and sleep well.
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